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PHX Body Works Car Detailing Professional Care for Your Car: More than Repair

Professional Care for Your Car: More than Repair

Welcome to our car service, where we provide not just a repair service, but a whole host of professional care for your vehicle. We pride ourselves on going beyond the usual standards to ensure your vehicle is in immaculate condition and long lasting.
By choosing our service, you get not only repairs, but also care for your vehicle all along the way. Trust us with your vehicle and we will do everything we can to keep it in top condition.

Post-Repair Detailing:
When repairs are complete, our team of experts offers professional detailing of your vehicle. We pay attention to every detail to restore not only the functionality, but also the appearance of your vehicle.

Written Lifetime Warranty:
We are confident in the quality of our work, which is why we provide you with a written lifetime warranty on all repairs performed. This is our promise to you: your car will always be in perfect condition.

Lifetime DuPont Paintwork:
To ensure that your car always looks like new, we use only the best materials. Our DuPont Lifetime Paint Coating provides protection from the elements and keeps your car shiny for years to come.

Pick-up and Delivery of Hired Cars:
We understand that time is important, which is why we provide a hire car collection and delivery service. You can rest assured that your replacement will always be ready when you need it, and you can be back on the road again.

Customer Pickup and Delivery:
We value your convenience, which is why we provide a customer pickup and delivery service. Our team is ready to meet you or drive you so you can get on with your day, even when your vehicle is in our service.

Major and Routine Repairs on all Brands and Models:
Our service provides a full range of services including major and routine repairs for vehicles of all makes and models. Whether your vehicle needs major repairs or regular maintenance, we take care of your vehicle as if it were our own.

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